Product Support & Repair policy and information

Al-Balsan Trading Company undertakes to maintain this Unit for the warranty period (36 months) from the date of sale and provide after sales service free of charge and according to the conditions listed below :-

1 – This Warranty covers the faults caused by Manufacture errors only and this warranty is not transferable

2- Products that require maintenance must be delivered to one of the Service centers approved by us or our authorized distributors, you must attach this card with the original invoice and do not need to send any other accessories with the unit that needs maintenance.

3- This card will be loss the valid if the unit is repaired or opened by any unauthorized person at any time during the warranty period.

4-This warranty does not include losses resulting from combustion, accidents, natural disasters, misuse, breakage, negligence, damage caused by Poor installation , corrosive environment, local voltage fluctuation.

5-This Warranty to repair the unit and not for replace it. And for one time only

6- Our company offers maintenance at competitive prices at out of the warranty period.

7- We do not bear any expenses resulting from the transfer of the unit to and from the workshop or the transfer of our technicians to repair the equipment in their locations.

8- It is recommended to connect voltage regulators (mono phase – three phase) and approved and good brands within the Iraqi market

9- This warranty is considered the identity of the unit and is considered null in the case of scratching, cancellation or loss